LIFE Fair Committees

LIFE Fair Committees

1. Ag Mechanics Committee- Members are primarily responsible for the Agricultural Mechanics Contest, assisting with setup, judging, auction, dispersal, and actual operation of the competition. Members will verify that entry cards are complete and the project book is submitted with each entry.

2. Art Committee- This committee coordinates and supervises the school art program, stimulating interest in art and in show activities through artistic competition by area students. Members will assist in organizing the judging, setting up the Peterson Building for the display of winning entries, supervising the area during public viewing, assisting in the silent auction, conduct the awards program for participating students, and dispersal of items.

3. Baking, Canning, & Sewing Committee- Volunteers are needed to accept entries, register participants, set up exhibits, monitor areas when judging is taking place, and assist with other areas as needed.

4. Entertainment Committee- This committee is responsible for coordinating the music/entertainment and planning the set-up of the scheduled events.

5. Fair Committee- There is a multitude of exhibits and competitions throughout L.I.F.E. week. Volunteers are needed to set and break down show rings and pens, and operate and assist with heavy equipment during several events.

6. Food & Exhibit Vendors Committee- This committee organizes and coordinates the food and exhibit vendors.

7. Fundraising Committee- Committee Members of the fundraising committee coordinate events like raffles, galas, silent auctions, 5k or 10K runs, and other events with the main goal of raising money for the organization. Fundraising committees also seek out opportunities for selling advertising, gaining corporate sponsors, philanthropists, large donors, grants and endowments, as well as other ways of generating funds for the organization.

8. Lifetime Achievement Award Committee- Members will assist in the Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation with the following: room setup, beverage, and food service, sound requirements, and any other activities necessary for a successful event.

9. Marketing & Advertising Committee- The marketing committee takes an active role in supporting the Laredo International Fair and Expositions’ fundraising committee. They
help by supporting to raise funds to promote and continue the Laredo International Fair and Exposition yearly events. A marketing committee’s purpose lies in deciding how to get the word out and how to combine the Fairs’ mission with a marketing message that resonates with its patrons. The marketing committee members also help create marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising, and posting on social media platforms.

10. Queen Committee- As L.I.F.E. Queen Committee Volunteer, you will have a wonderful experience creating memories, making new friends, helping with group practices, walking along during our Grand Parade, helping with any activities that may arise, and finally set-up for the queen pageant. Come and be part of these young ladies’ dreams, as they challenge themselves for the chance to be this year’s L.I.F.E queen.

11. Rodeo Committee- This committee coordinates all details pertaining to rodeo events, including equipment, setup, livestock, and entry organization. The rodeo event is in the evening and various events are scheduled for competition.

12. Scholarship/Grant Committee- Members of the Scholarship Committee help to assist and efficiently facilitate the Laredo International Fair & Exposition scholarship application process. Duties include assistance in scholarship application preparation, disseminating and promoting scholarship opportunities, selecting judges to screen and grade applications; support at the annual scholarship banquet, as well as corresponding with scholars and additional administrative tasks.

13. Security Committee- This committee requires that volunteers assist at the gate entrances and help distribute tickets being sold.

14. Volunteer Committee- This committee shall be responsible for the recruitment and coordination of all volunteers for the LIFE Fair. This committee shall work closely with LIFE Committees to ensure that there are enough volunteers for all LIFE events and activities.