L.I.F.E. Auction Buyer’s Agreement

L.I.F.E. Auction Buyer’s Agreement

Business Buyer

Business Address

Personal Buyer

MM slash DD slash YYYY

I am appointing an authorized representative to purchase/bid on my behalf.

Authorized Representative's Information

Initial Each Term of this Agreement:

_____I am fully empowered to Bid on behalf of the above Business

_____I am personally and financially liable for all purchases not paid by the above business

_____I agree to make a minimum purchase of $2,500.00 at the auction with a minimum $2,500.00 payment immediately.

_____I agree to pay all successful bid amounts within 30 days after the auction.

_____I agree that all items purchased at the auction shall be removed by 4:00 p.m. on the day following the auction, and the Buyer herein assumes full and complete responsibility and all risk of loss as to cash items purchased by Buyer at the time that my bid is accepted by the auctioneer. Buyer is responsible for liquidating the balance for any exhibits that they are taking at the end of auction and or the following day in case of livestock.

_____I agree and understand that in the event of non-payment or my breach of this agreement, then I will be liable to L.I.F.E for any additional costs and expensed associated with the collection proceeding.

_____I confirm that I fully understand all the terms and conditions contained herein above and hereby agree to each term of this Agreement.

_____I understand that no funds will be reimbursed for disqualifications of any sort and I am still responsible for my Bid.

MM slash DD slash YYYY