Dear Prospective Sponsor,

The Laredo International Fair & Exposition (L.I.F.E.) is gearing up for its 56th annual fair, by initiating its 2019 Sponsorship Drive.
The fair is L.I.F.E.’s culminating activity for the fiscal year and the prime indicator of the organization’s success in meeting its mission of promoting the areas of agriculture, home economics, and the vocational/industrial trades. This mission is carried out through activities involving the youth of the community, who not only gain knowledge and skills in these areas but benefit financially through the sale of projects and/or through scholarships provided by the organization. The fair has always been a success because of the many community members, businesses, and organizations that provide their support through volunteers, donations, and/or sponsorships.  It is, therefore, that we request your support by becoming a L.I.F.E. sponsor as describe in the attached form. The fair is one of the few yearly attractions that the community has to participate in. The number of events, shows, and attractions that we can offer depends largely on the number of sponsors. Every year the LIFE organization has been able to provide education field trips for all school districts in Webb county including LISD, UISD, and WCISD, as well as many local daycares. Everyday over 7,000 children attend our fair as an educational field trip. Let’s join hands and work together to make the 2019 fair one of the best and biggest ever. This community deserves it.

  • + Little Pig Races

    Sponsorship for this event is $ 3,500

    Sponsorship will be considered a Bronze Star sponsor and receive benefits accordingly

    The little pig race is a fun attraction for all ages.  The piggies race as the crowd cheers the them on to victory. The winner get the ultimate prize for a pig, an Oreo cookie of course!.

  • + Children’s Petting Zoo

    Sponsorship for this event is $3,500

    Sponsorship will be considered a Bronze Star sponsor and receive benefits accordingly

    No one attraction appeals to young and old alike as does the petting zoo! The petting zoo entertains as well as educates the public on the different kinds of animals. Children will be allowed to pet, feed, and learn about a different variety of animals, ranging from barnyard animals to the most exotic species such as camels, zebras, and many more. The petting zoo will be opened everyday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM